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Geodetic Supplies & Repairs Australia since 1984
Telephone +61 8 9409 4058 Fax +61 8 9409 4068


NEW PRODUCTS 2003-2008

2D Laser Levelling Systems
3D Laser Levelling Systems
2D Laser Projection Systems
3D Laser Mapping & Profiling
3D Laser Measuring Systems
3D Laser Scanning Systems


Abney Levels
Adaptors Custom
Adhesive, Electrical, Thread Tapes
Aerial Survey Marker
Altimeters & Barometers
Aluminium Plates
Aluminium Measuring Poles
Aluminum Sieves
Aluminium Staves
Aluminium Straight Edge
Aluminium Tags
Aluminium Tripods
Angle Finders & Digital Levels
Angle Measuring
Arnie Trip Meters
Artline Pens
Atmospheric Data Tools
Auslig Maps
Autolock Total Stations
Automatic Levels Full List
Axes & Splitters


Bags & Pouches
Barrier Mesh
Bars - Crow, Wrecking & Spud
Batteries & Chargers
Beacons & Rotating Lights
Bench Tapes
Binoculars Full List
Bollards Safety
Bore Hole Measuring Tapes
Bore Hole Seismic Source
Bore Scopes
Boundary Pegs
Breath Tester Alcohol
Buckets Galvanised
Builders Film / Black Plastic
Builders Levels
Builders Lines
Bulki Bags
Bunting Flag


Cable Locators
Cable & Service Detectors
Cable Height Measuring
Cable Ties
Calico Bags
Camera Digital Pentax
Camera & Video Bags / Cases
Camera Inspection System
Camera Tripods
Carry Cases
Chaining Thermometer
Chalkline Reels & Refills
Change Plates Staff
Chartwell Books
Chinagraph Pencils
Clegg Impact Tester
Climate Reading Tools
Clip Boaros
Clinometer Angle Readers
Cloth Tape & Gaffa Tape
Clothing & Personal Accessories
Communication Two Way Radios
Concrete Black Plastic / Film
Concrete Nails
Concrete Posts
Concrete Moisture Tester
Concrete Thickness Testing
Construction Books
Contractors Books
Core Saw
Core Saw Blades
Core Trays
Cotton Bags
Cowley Levels
Crayons Waterproof
Cross Lasers
Cross/Downhole Seismic Series
Crosshole Sonic Logging
Crow Bars
Cut N Fill Rods
Cutters & Scissors


Data Collectors & Mobile PC's
Data Recorders
Decibel Sound Meters
Deck Spikes
Depth Gauges
Detectors & Meters
Diameter & Radius Tapes
Digital Angle Finders
Digital Angle Measuring
Digital Cameras
Digital Calipers
Digital Cards
Digital Compass
Digital Inclinometer
Digital Levels
Digital Map Measuring
Digital Measuring Poles
Digital Measuring Tapes
Digital Measuring Wheels
Digital Planimeters
Digital Spirit Levels
Digital Tapes
Digital Theodolites
Digital Thermometers
Dip Tapes & Meters
Dipping Tapes
Distance Measuring Full List
Dola Field Books
Drawing & Drafting Supplies
Drill Bits
Duct Rods & Fish Tape
Dumpy Levels
Dymark Marking Paints


Easy Laser Geometric Aligning
Ear Muffs
Ear Plugs
Echo Sounders
Electrical Tape
Elevator Tripods
Engineers Chalk
Engineers Spirit Levels
EPIRB Emergency Beacons
Estwing Tools
Extension Power Leads


Fence Droppers
Fibrecrete Thickness Testing
Fibreglass Measuring Poles
Fibreglass Staves
Fibreglass Tapes
Fibreglass Tripods
Field Bags & Pouches
Field Books
Field Frames
Field PC's
Fire Extinguishers BFI
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
Fire Hose Reels BFI
First Aid Kits
Fishing Reels
Fish Finders
Flagging Tapes
Floor to Ceiling Laser Poles
Form Ply
Futtura Software


Gadgets and Gizmos
Gaffa Tape & Cloth Tape
Galvanised Zinc Spray
Gammon Reels & Plumb Targets
Garden Stakes
Geological Field Books
GeoChem Bags
Geo & Rock Picks
Geological Supplies Full List
Gift Vouchers
Glasses Safety
Glass Gauge
Golf Swingmate
Gold Pans
Graffiti Removal
GPS Poles
GPS & Pda Accessories
Ground Penetrating Radar


Hand Counters
Hand Held Computer
Hand Levels
Hats, Sunhats & Widebrimed hats
Hard Hats & Helmets
Hardware Supplies Full List
Hazard Tape
Hazard Mesh
Height Meters
Health Technology
Hessian Bags & Hessian Roll
Hip Chains
Humidity Readers
Hygrometers & Hydrometers


Impact Echo Testing
Impulse Response Testing
Inspection Mirrors
Inspection Systems
Instrument Cases
Inverted Spray Cans


Jarrah Stakes
Jetcrete Thickness Testing
Joining Tapes


Knives & Multi Pocket Tools
Konoe Survey Nails
KVH Data Scope


Landscape Stakes
Laptop Mobile Computers
Laser Ace Measuring Tools
Laser Hypsometer
Laser Levels
Laser Jammers
Laser Measurer
Laser Measuring
Laser Meter
Laser Plummets
Laser Power Meter
Laser Tapes
Laser Theodolites
Laser Tools
Leak Detection
Letter Stamp & Punch Sets
Levelling Change Plates Staff
Level - Auto
Level - Dumpy
Level - Engineer & Machinists
Level - Hand & Abney
Level - Laser
Level - Light
Level - Sound
Level - Spirit
Level - Transit & Tilting
Level - Vibration
Level - Water
Light Meters
Lights Safety Vehicle
Light Scopes
Linear Measuring
Line Levels
Line Marking Machines
Law Enforcement
Lock Knives


Machine Control Systems
Machinists Level
Magnetic Locators
Magnetic Measuring Tape
Magnetic Vehicle Lights
Magnifying Glass
Map & Plan Measuring
Marine Stereos
Markrite Books
Massage Pen
Mattocks & Picks
Measuring Angles
Measuring Concrete
Measuring Distance
Measuring Heights
Measuring Lasers
Measuring Light
Measuring Poles
Measuring Sound
Measuring Vibration
Measuring Rules
Measuring Tapes
Measuring Tools
Measuring Wheels
Metal Detectors
Metal Stamp Marking Sets
Millenium Survey Pegs Plastic
Mining Field Books
Mini Prisms
Mini Rod Pocket Staff
Mitutoyo Measuring Tools
Mitsubishi Canter 4x4
Mobile PC's
Moisture Meters
Monoculars & Spotting Scopes
Monitoring Prisms
Mounts & Adaptors


Nadir Optical Plummets
Nail Bags
Newcon Optical Tools
Night Vision
Night Vision Binoculars
Night Vision Goggles
Night Vision Monoculars
Night Vision Rifle Scopes
Nivcomp Levels
Number Stamp & Punch Sets


Olson Instruments Overview
Olson Freedom Data PC
Olson Crosshole Sonic Logging
Olson Sonic Echo System
Olson Impulse Response
Olson Echo / Impulse
Olson Ultraseismic System
Olson Parallel Seismic Systems
Olson Sonic, Impulse, Seismic
Olson Impact Echo Systems
Olson Spectral Analysis
Olson Slab Impulse Response
Olson Ultrasonic Pulse System
Olson Down/Crosshole Seismic
Olson Tomography Software
Olson Geotomography System
Olson Electro-mech Source
Optical Plummets
Optical Rangefinders
Optical Squares
Optical Theodolites
Optical Transits & Tilting Levels
Outdoor Supplies & Equipment


Paint Markers
Paint Pens
Paint Thickness Gauge
Paint Supplies
Panning Dishes
Parallel Seismic Series Testing
Phones,Audios & PDA's
Pedometers Digital
Pelican Cases
Pens & Pencils
Percussion Sample Trays
Permanent Markers
Permanent Markers & Pens
Permanent Survey Marks
PH Testers
Picks & Mattocks
Pin Flags
Pin Markers
Pipe Lasers
Pipe & Cable Locators
Plan Measuring Wheels
Plastic Bags
Plastic Bottles
Plastic Fence Droppers
Plastic Stakes
Plastic Star Pickets
Plastic Survey Pegs & Marks
Pliers, Multigrips & Crimpers
Plumb Bobs
Plumb Laser
Plummets Optical & Laser
Pocket Knives & Multi Tools
Pocket PC
Pocket Tapes
Poly Chain
Poly Woven Bags
Power Boards
PowerCad Pro
Power Supplies Batteries
Prisms & Accessories
Prism Poles & Accessories


Quarry Master


Radar Detectors
Radar Guns
Radios 2 Way
Rail Track Measurer
Rail Track Optical Leveller
Range Finders Full List
Range Finder with Speed Gun
Ranging Poles
Red & White Targets
Reflective Targets
Reflective Tapes
Reflectorless Measuring
Reflective Safety Tapes
Rifle Scopes
Rivet Gun
Road Measuring Wheels
Robotic Total Stations
Rod Levels
Roofing Nails


Safety Barriers
Safety Barrier Mesh
Safety Bollards
Safety Clothing
Safety Cones
Safety Fire Hose Reels
Safety Glasses & Goggles
Safety Lights
Safety Masks & Face Shields
Safety Mesh
Safety Signs
Safety Stop N Go Signs
Safety Supplies Full List
Safety Tapes Adhesive
Safety Tapes Reflective
Safety Tapes Standard
Safety Tapes Underground
Safety Traffic Bollards
Safety Traffic Cones
Safety Vests
Sample Bags
Sample Trays
Scanning Receivers
Scopes Rifle
Schonstedt Locators
Scale Rules
Service Locators Pipe & Cable
Self Seal Bags
Setout Pegs
Sewer & Pipe Cameras
Signet Spray Paints
Shaft Aligning
Shotcrete Thickness Testing
Shovels & Spades
Sleeping Bags Full List
Sledge Hammers
Slope Measuring
Slope Meters
Smart Tools
Software Full List
Sound Meter
Solar Cells / Panels
Sonde & Sonde Locators
Sonic Echo Testing
Specialty Measuring Tools
Spectra Analysis Surface Waves
Speed Guns
Speed Gun with Range Finder
Spirit Bubbles
Spirit Levels - Bubbles & Vials
Spirit Levels - Digital
Spirit Levels - Engineers
Spirit Levels - Machinist
Spirit Levels - Standard
Sports Radar
Spotting Scopes & Monoculars
Spray Paint
Staff Bubbles
Staff, Staves & Level Rods
Staff & Tripod Package Deals
Stakes & Pegs
Star Iron Pickets
Starrett Measuring Tools
Steel Rules
Steel Spikes
Steel Tapes
Step Meters
Storage Containers
Storage Bottels
Stop Watches
Storm Proof Lighters
Springhead Nails
Straight Edge Aluminium
Strobe & Magnetic Vehicle Lights
Stud Finders, Scanners, Sensors
Sunscreen Lotion
Survey Accessories
Survey Bags & Pouches
Survey Books
Survey Data Collectors
Survey Field Books
Survey Marks Full List
Survey Paint
Survey Pegs
Survey Ribbon
Survey Rope
Survey Spikes Steel
Survey Stakes & Pegs
Survey Tape


Tally Counters
Tank Dipping Tapes
Tapes Adhesive
Tape Measures
Targets Survey
Tarps & Tarpaulin
TDS Data Collectors
Telescopic Measuring Poles
Telescopic Range Poles
Temperature & Climate Tools
Thermal Imager - Thermal Viewer
Tilting Level
Tomography Imaging Software
Tool Bags, Pouches & Kits
Total Station Full List
Total Station Robotic
Tough Book Computer
Traffic Bollards
Traffic Cones
Transit Tilting Level
Tribrachs & Adaptors
Trip Meters
Tripods Full List
Tripod Mounts Brackets Adaptors
Tripod & Staff Packages
Two Way Radios


UHF 2 Way Radios Hand Held
Ultraseismic Velocity Testing
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
Ultrasonic Measuring
Under Ground Cable Locators
Underground Service Locators


Vehicle Magnetic Safety Lights
Vibration Meter
Visual Inspection System


Wall Scanners, Stud Finders
Water Leak Detectors
Water Levels
Waeco Power Supplies
Water Testers
Water Proof Books
Water Proof Crayons
Weather Instruments
Whirling Hygrometer
Whirling Psychrometer
Windspeed Meters Windwatches
Witness Plates
Wooden Tripods


Zenith Optical Plummets
Zinc Galvanising Spray
Zip Level


Aerial Surveyor TOOLS
Aero Clubs TOOLS
Agricultural TOOLS
Airconditioning TOOLS
Aircraft Engineers TOOLS
Angle & Leveling TOOLS
Architects TOOLS
Archaelogist TOOLS
Athletics Clubs TOOLS
Balustrading TOOLS
Bathroom Renovator TOOLS
Billiard & Snooker TOOLS
Bird Watchers TOOLS
Blasting & Demolition TOOLS
Blinds - General TOOLS
Boat & Yacht Builders TOOLS
Bobcat Operator TOOLS
Boilermaker / Welder TOOLS
Boring & Drilling TOOLS
Brick Layer TOOLS
Bridge Construction TOOLS
Building Contractors TOOLS
Building Excavations TOOLS
Building Inspectors TOOLS
Building Restoration TOOLS
Bulldozing TOOLS
Bushwalking Clubs TOOLS
Cabinet Makers TOOLS
Cable Installation TOOLS
CALM Departments TOOLS
Camping TOOLS
Canoeing Clubs TOOLS
Caravan Building TOOLS
Carpentry & Joinery TOOLS
Carpet & Flooring TOOLS
Carports & Patios TOOLS
Cartography TOOLS
Ceiling & Wall Fixers TOOLS
Civil Engineers TOOLS
Cladding Contractors TOOLS
Cleaning Contractors TOOLS
Coating Contractors TOOLS
Colleges TOOLS
Communication Engineers TOOLS
Concrete Contractors TOOLS
Construction - General TOOLS
Consulting Engineers TOOLS
Contractors - General TOOLS
Conveyor Systems TOOLS
Cool Room Building TOOLS
Councils - See Shires TOOLS
Crane & Rigging TOOLS
Curtain & Blinds TOOLS
Decking Contractors TOOLS
Demolition Contractors TOOLS
Designer TOOLS
Dewatering Contractors TOOLS
Display & Exhibition TOOLS
Diving - Recreational TOOLS
Drainage TOOLS
Drilling & Post Hole TOOLS
Ducting Installation TOOLS
Earthmoving TOOLS
Electrical Contractor TOOLS
Elevator Construction TOOLS
Emergency Services TOOLS
Engineer - General TOOLS
Environmental TOOLS
Erosion Control & Soil Stabilisation TOOLS
Escalator Contractor TOOLS
Estimators TOOLS
Excavating Contractor TOOLS
Fabricators - General TOOLS
Factory Building Contractors TOOLS
Farm Contracting Services TOOLS
Farmer TOOLS
Fencing Contractor TOOLS
Fertilizer & Insecticide Spreading TOOLS
Fishing / Angling TOOLS
Fitter & Turner TOOLS
Firebreak Contractor TOOLS
Fire Protection Consultants TOOLS
Flood Damage Services TOOLS
Floor Coverings TOOLS
Floor Sanding & Polishing Flooring TOOLS
Floor Tiler TOOLS
Forensic Services TOOLS
Foreshore Protection TOOLS
Forestry Consultants TOOLS
Four Wheel Drive Owners TOOLS
Frames & Trusses TOOLS
Fruit Growers & Developers TOOLS
TOOLS Garage Builder
TOOLS Garage Doors
TOOLS Gazebos & Shadehouses
TOOLS Geologist
TOOLS Geotechnical Engineer
TOOLS Glazier & Glass
TOOLS Glass Tinting & Insulation
TOOLS Golfing
TOOLS Golf Courses
TOOLS Golf Course Construction
TOOLS Government Departments
TOOLS Graffiti Removal
TOOLS Gun Clubs
TOOLS Guttering & Spouting Hand Rail Installation
TOOLS Handyman
TOOLS Hang Gliding or Para Gliding
TOOLS Heritage Consultants
TOOLS High Schools
TOOLS Hiking Clubs
TOOLS Hire Builders & Contractors
TOOLS Home Builders
TOOLS Home Renovators
TOOLS Hospital
TOOLS House Restumping
TOOLS Industrial Plants
TOOLS Industrial Designer
TOOLS Installers
TOOLS Insulation Contractor
TOOLS Insurance Assessors
TOOLS Interior Designer
TOOLS Investigators
TOOLS Irrigation & Reticulation
TOOLS Joinery
TOOLS Kerbing
TOOLS Kitchen Design & Renovation
TOOLS Kit Homes
TOOLS Land Clearing
TOOLS Land Developer
TOOLS Landscape Architect
TOOLS Landscape Contractor
TOOLS Laser Leveling
TOOLS Lattice Manufacturing
TOOLS Lawn Bowl Clubs
TOOLS Lawn Construction
TOOLS Lawn Fertilizing Services
TOOLS Lawn & Turf Supplies
TOOLS Life Saving Clubs
TOOLS Lighting & Power Poles Installation
TOOLS Lighting Contractor
TOOLS Line Boring
TOOLS Line Marking
TOOLS Louvre & Shutters
TOOLS Manufacturing
TOOLS Marble & Granite
TOOLS Marine Trades
TOOLS Materials Handling
TOOLS Mechanical Engineers
TOOLS Mechanical Fitter
TOOLS Mineral Exploration
TOOLS Mining Contractors & Companies
TOOLS Mining Engineers
TOOLS Mooring Contractors
TOOLS Museums
TOOLS National Parks Ranger
TOOLS Natural Resource Consultants
TOOLS Naval Architect
TOOLS Off Road Clubs
TOOLS Office & Shop Fitout
TOOLS Oil Exploration
TOOLS Orchard Growers & Developers
TOOLS Orienteering Clubs
TOOLS Outdoor Adventurers
TOOLS Paintball Clubs
TOOLS Painter & Decorator
TOOLS Pallet Racking
TOOLS Parachuting
TOOLS Parquetry Flooring
TOOLS Partitioning & Office Fitout
TOOLS Patio & Outdoor Builders
TOOLS Paving Contractors
TOOLS Pawnbrokers
TOOLS Pest Control
TOOLS Picture Framing
TOOLS Pile Driving Contractors
TOOLS Pipe Line Contractors
TOOLS Plants - Industrial
TOOLS Plasterers
TOOLS Plumbers & Gasfitters
TOOLS Police Department
TOOLS Pontoon Contractors
TOOLS Post Hole Contractors
TOOLS Power Line Construction
TOOLS Precision Engineers
TOOLS Primary Schools
TOOLS Project Management
TOOLS Property Consultants
TOOLS Prospectors
TOOLS Pyrotechnics
TOOLS Quarry
TOOLS Race Courses
TOOLS Rafting
TOOLS Railway Construction
TOOLS Raised Flooring
TOOLS Real Estate Developers
TOOLS Restumping & Relocating Houses
TOOLS Renovators
TOOLS Rescue Services
TOOLS Retaining Walls
TOOLS Reticulation & Irrigation
TOOLS Riding Schools
TOOLS Rigging & Erection
TOOLS Road Construction
TOOLS Road Line Marking
TOOLS Rock Climbing
TOOLS Roller Shutters & Grilles
TOOLS Roof Construction
TOOLS Roof Trusse & Wall Frame
TOOLS Roof Plumber
TOOLS Roof Tiler
TOOLS Rotary Hoeing
TOOLS Rural Consultants
TOOLS Safes & Strongroom Doors
TOOLS Sailing Schools
TOOLS Satellite Equipment & Services
TOOLS Sauna Bath Installation
TOOLS Sawmillers
TOOLS Scaffolding
TOOLS Schools - General
TOOLS Scouts
TOOLS Scuba Diving & Schools
TOOLS Secondhand Dealers
TOOLS Security Alarm Systems
TOOLS Security Doors & Windows
TOOLS Security Shutters
TOOLS Septic Tank Installation
TOOLS Shade Houses
TOOLS Shade Structures & Sails
TOOLS Sheds - Industrial & Rural
TOOLS Sheetmetal Workers
TOOLS Shelving & Storage
TOOLS Ship Building & Repair
TOOLS Shires - Government
TOOLS Shooting Clubs
TOOLS Shop & Office Fitout
TOOLS Shotfirers - See Blasting
TOOLS Shower Screens Signs & Signwriting
TOOLS Silo Manufacturing
TOOLS Skydiving - See Parachuting
TOOLS Skylight Installation
TOOLS Slashing Contractor
TOOLS Soil Testing and Investigation
TOOLS Spas, Hot Tubs Installation
TOOLS Sports Clubs
TOOLS Sports Ground
TOOLS Sports Surfaces
TOOLS Sprinkler Fitter & Installation
TOOLS Stage & Entertainment Set Up
TOOLS Stained Glass
TOOLS Stainless Steel Installation & Products
TOOLS Staircase & Handrail Construction
TOOLS Steel Fabricators & Construction
TOOLS Stone Mason
TOOLS Structural Engineer
TOOLS Surveyor Aerial
TOOLS Surveyor Building
TOOLS Surveyor Cargo & Marine
TOOLS Surveyor Engineering
TOOLS Surveyor Hydrographic
TOOLS Surveyor Land
TOOLS Surveyor Mining
TOOLS Surveyor Quantity
TOOLS Suspended Ceilings
TOOLS Swimming Pool & Spa ConstructionTAFE Colleges
TOOLS Tank Calibration
TOOLS Tanks Installation & Manufacture
TOOLS Teaching Aids
TOOLS Technical Consultant
TOOLS Technical & Trades Colleges
TOOLS Telephone System Installation
TOOLS Tennis Court Construction & Design
TOOLS Terrazo Supply & Restoration
TOOLS Tip Truck Hire
TOOLS Tilers - Wall & Floor
TOOLS Tour Guides
TOOLS Tower Construction
TOOLS Town & Regional Planning
TOOLS Trade Schools
TOOLS Training & Development Organisations
TOOLS Transportable Buildings
TOOLS Tree Felling & Stump Removal
TOOLS Trenching Contractors
TOOLS Turf Management
TOOLS Underground Mining
TOOLS Underground Tunnelling
TOOLS University Colleges
TOOLS Used Equipment Dealers
TOOLS Valuers
TOOLS Vegetable Growers
TOOLS Vehicle Locating
TOOLS Ventilation Systems
TOOLS Verandah Construction
TOOLS Vineyard Contractor
TOOLS Wall & Ceiling Fixer
TOOLS Wall & Floor Tiler
TOOLS Wall Finishes
TOOLS Wall Papering & Wall Covering
TOOLS Wardrobes - Built In
TOOLS Waterproofing Contractor
TOOLS Water Reticulation Contractors
TOOLS Weather Watchers
TOOLS Weed Control Services
TOOLS Welder - Boilermaker
TOOLS Well Drilling - See Boring / Drilling
TOOLS Wharf Construction
TOOLS Wind Mills
TOOLS Window Security & Installers
TOOLS Wrought Iron Installation

Current Category
TOOLS Lighting Contractor


Geodetic Supplies & Repairs since 1984

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Phone: 61 8 9409 4058 Fax: 61 8 9409 4068