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Geo FL50-Plus Multi Line Laser

Automatic Levelling Multi Line Laser Level with Receiver for outdoor application. Linear laser levelling, self-levelling, Generating a horizontal line, four vertical lines and a plumb point. 4 Laser-crosses at 90° to each other. Adjustable 360° circle reading. Supplied with Receiver & Staff clamp and battery, floor tripod, target, laser intensive glasses & an 5/8"-adapter for connection to builder's tripod, rechargeable batteries, charger and hard case.


Leica NA720 Optical Level

The NA720 Automatic level for all applications on the construction site. 20x telescopic magnification. 2.5 mm Accuracy Per km double run. Supplied with Carry Case & User Guide.

This Optical Level can be purchased new as well.


Geo FLG40 Green Beam Cross Laser

The Geo FLG-40 Green Beam automatic indoor Laser offers a bright clear Laser Cross, generated by a green Laser for improved visibility under difficult conditions. Ideal for working in bright surroundings. Working range to 20 m. Ideal for Horizontal & Vertical Wall application. Supplied with : Multi-functional magnetic mount, rechargeable battery, charger, target, laser glasses & hard case.


Pro Shot AS2M Grade Laser

Pro Shot AS2M Grade Laser, fully Automatic Self-Levelling - Servo driven. Automatic Dial-in Grade (Single Axis) - up to 25% in 0.01% increments. Just set your desired grade in the Slope-Axis and the AS2M will automatically drive the laser line to that slope. X-axis remains self-levelling. Designed for grading and pipeline contractors. Includes Compound Slope / Grade kit for dual grade applications. Range to 600m diameter.


Pro Shot L4.7 Laser Level

Pro Shot L4.7 Laser Level and Receiver. Simple horizontal laser leveller. Range to 460m diameter. Accuracy +/- 1mm @ 30m. 



Theis TPL-2N Automatic Dual Slope Laser

The Theis TPL-2N is an Automatic Dual Grade laser with digital adjustment of up to 10%, a visible laser beam as well as a Plumb beam that can also be used for vertical applications. Use outdoors & indoor with the visible laser beam & scan functions. Use for layout, grading, levelling & ceiling work. Supplied with laser receiver & remote control. For availability please call or email us..

  • All Instruments for hire include tripod & staff for outdoor applications.
  • Optional accessories supplied at extra cost.
  • All hire instruments are being in-house checked & calibrated before hire commences. 

For booking please call the office on 08-9409 4058 or email to :

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