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Rotosure 500 Deluxe Measuring Wheel

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 Rotosure 500 Measuring Wheel Deluxe - A smaller and lighter version of the full-sized Professional model but just as capable.

Common uses
Quoting for Carpets, Flooring, Paving, Garden Layouts, Factory Layouts.
Normally used on smoother surfaces and shorter distances

• Trigger Brake
• Metric Increments 100mm
• Metric Measures to 9,999.9 m or (10Km)
• Push Button Zero Reset
• Wrist Strap
• Heavy Duty
• Folds to One Third Size
• Wheel Circumference 0.5m
• Wheel Diameter 160mm
• Follows Fine Edges
• Runs in Straight Line
• Balanced In Line Movement
• Better Traction
• Wheel Runs On Sealed Roller Bearings
• Light Weight Easy Storage
• Unit Weight 1.16kg
• Optional Carry Case

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