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Supa Rule 600 Cable Height Meter


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The Suparule 600 Cable Height Meter is a hand-held ultrasonic measuring device to check wire clearance and spacing for up to 6 wires. A safe alternative to telescopic ranging sticks. The Suparule Cable Height Meter utilises ultrasonic signals to determine the height of overhead cables up to 15M.

Key Features:

Simple single button operation
Easy to use stand underneath, press the button, and read the measurement
Fast measurements in seconds
Safe no contact with conductors/wire
Accurate less than 0.5% error in reading
  • Measures up to 15M
  • Easy to use with LCD Display
  • One man, one button operation
  • Long life battery capable of 50,000 measurements
  • Auto power off after 3 minutes
  • Error typically less than 0.5%,(9.7M to 3.2mm Ø cables)
  • Operation is at the speed of sound
  • One push button operation
  • Differentiates between 1st----6th wires. (ie 0.9M clearance regulation)
  • Measures from 3 m up to 15 m
  • Ambient temperature compensated
  • Battery operated, low maintenance
  • Rugged construction

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