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FPM FG-005 Precision Level          Skywatch Geos11     Digiescope Riflescope    Nedo Railtrack measuring Wheel
High Precision optical Level


Skywatch Geos 11 Handheld Weather Meter


Digital Video Riflescope DigiScope Rail Track Measuring Wheel


It is our vision to provide you with a complete source of Products, Knowledge and Information to improve your profit margins, job efficiency and production rates. 
Designed to keep in your favourites as a quick reference tool, we encourage your feedback and opinion on how to improve and make your shopping experience simple, easy and effective. 
For over 30 years Geodetic Supply & Repair (GSR) have used Experience & Feedback from quality Customers to help develop and maintain our product range. Our background begins with the Servicing and Repair of Precision Instruments & Equipment supplied by manufacturers around the world. From here, it became apparent that existing clients would much prefer to purchase products of this nature Direct from GSR. Basically, they enjoyed the added comfort of knowing their new purchase could be Serviced & Repaired locally in Australia.
Now a fully blown, specialised Laser & Instrument Tool Shop, GSR has something for you and your business today. Use our online resource centre to gain awareness and knowledge of the latest laser applications. Combine this with years of Research & Development and we have the solution for your business. 

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