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Clegg Impact Tester

GSR Laser Tools* is the authorised Distributor, Hire & Service Centre of the CLEGG Hammer 

*Incorporating Geodetic Supply & Repair and Lasertools


CLEGG Soil Impact Testers 

The  Clegg Impact Soil Tester, also known as the Clegg Hammer, is a simple to use device consisting of two basic components: a flat-ended cylindrical mass and a guide tube. The mass, i.e. the hammer, is manually dropped from a predetermined height. Four basic hammer masses are available: 4.5 kg (the "Standard Clegg Hammer"), 2.25 kg (the "Medium Clegg Hammer"), 0.5 kg (the "Light Clegg Hammer") and 20 kg (the "Heavy Clegg Hammer"). The set height of drop for the Standard and Medium Hammers is 45 cm whilst it is 30 cm for the Light and Heavy Hammers.

The 4.5 kg CIST is the "general purpose" Hammer for roadworks, earthworks, airstrips, etc. The two lighter Hammers are used primarily for turf or sand testing. The Heavy Hammer is for testing through a larger zone or on top of the running course of flexible pavements. Because of its larger size and weight, the guide tube is set on wheels with a pull handle to ease movement on site. Click here to download Clegg Impact Soil Tester pdf brochure

Clegg Impact Hammer  

GSR Laser Tools is authorised and qualified to perform Service and Calibration of various Clegg Hammers.

The main unit to calibrate Clegg Hammers is the "Dynamic Calibrator".

Dynamic Calibration Unit consists of a NATA certified load cell with output scale displayed in tens of gravities peak deceleration (clegg units), with Standard Red Polyurethane Check Ring as interface between Clegg Hammer and load cell.

 Real Impact Value– WARNING NOTICE 

For more information on the various Non Destructive Impact Testing please click link below for the print friendly pdf version.

Clegg Impact Soil Tester Overview by Jim Crandell at Dr Baden Clegg

Authorisation Statement issued by Dr. Baden Clegg Pty Ltd



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