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The CLEGG Impact Soil Tester, also known as the CLEGG Hammer, is a simple to use device consisting of two basic components: a flat-ended cylindrical mass and a guide tube. The mass (hammer), is manually dropped from a predetermined height. The impact of the hammer causes an electronic output to a digital display. The output is based on the peak deceleration of the hammer's impact with the surface in units of tens of gravities. Four successive blows of the hammer on the same spot constitutes one test, called a CLEGG Impact test.

The CLEGG Hammer has a wide application to testing for design, construction or evaluation in the areas of pavements, earthworks and turf surfaces.

The CLEGG Impact Soil Tester is being used worldwide by road authorities, local government, consulting engineers, contractors, construction & mining companies, testing laboratories, universities, research institutes, the military, Sports & athletics etc. Choose from five different models.  

GSR Laser Tools* is the Authorised Distributor, Hire and Service Centre of the CLEGG Hammer. *Incorporating Geodetic Supply & Repair and Lasertools



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