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Constant MC401 Moisture Meter


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The Constant MC401 is an Inductive Moisture Meter ideal for use in wood/timber industry, building material storage, testing drywall, fabric and paper. 


  • Moisture display on LCD and LED bars
  • With 4 different materials (dry wall, masonry, softwood, hardwood)
  • Measuring the moisture picture without damage to wood surface
  • Auto calibration and data hold
  • Alarm and auto power off 
Measurement range 0~53% (softwood), 0~35% (hardwood) drywall and masonry are relative values
Accuracy +/-4% (softwood, hardwood)
Maximum sense depth 3/4 inch (20mm)
Working temperature 0 ~ 40° C
Storage temperature -10 ~ 50°C
Storage humidity 5 ~ 95% RH
Power 9V battery
Size 170 x 75 x 30mm
Weight 152g (without battery)


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