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GSR Mini Reflector Pole


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The GSR Mini Target Pole with a reflective target is a unique tool made in Australia and consists of a simple lightweight, aluminium shaft with a replaceable hardened steel tip on one end and a 5/8 surveying female thread on the other end. The replaceable Nikon retro reflective target sits in the middle.

With a 0mm offset and a low reflective target centre height when inverted on a prism pole, the GSR mini target pole makes for fast, accurate position readings, even with shaky hands. 

For Leica users the target pole is available with the 12mm diameter bore and lock screw.

Target Pole (for Leica users) with 12mm Ø bore and lock screw 
  Can also be used as backside
 (Pole not included) (Tripod, Adapter and Tribrach not included)


Available with 5/8 female thread or with Leica pin

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