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GSR Survey Stake Driver with Handle

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The revolutionary Survey Timber Stake or Fence Post Driver is designed to transfer the impact from each hammer blow through the continuous steel shaft - making stake driving faster and easier than ever. It will virtually eliminate the problems of "splitting" wood stakes, reducing material costs and waste while conserving our forestry and natural resources. The long 30cm handle with rubber grip is designed to offer maximum hand and wrist protection (and your fingers). Always use appropriate safety gear when driving stakes of any type.


  • Fits neatly over timber stakes or fence posts.
  • Strong steel construction, yet lightweight and comfortable
  • Designed to transfer the impact of the hammer blow to make stake driving faster and easier even in hard packed soils.
  • Eliminates the problems of splitting wood stakes.
  • Fits up to 33 x 33mm square stakes.  
  • Australian made

Stake Driver

Applications: The Survey Stake Drive is perfect for use in surveying, gardens and vineyards, concrete forming, silt fencing, landscaping and many more.

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