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JDC Skywatch BL-1000 Weather Station for Emergency & Incident Response

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Skywatch BL-1000 - mobile bluetooth weather station with wind-speed and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, tracking and data-logger with alarm function.

The Skywatch BL-1000 is a rugged portable weather station designed for rapid deployment. It provides accurate measurements of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and relays these to a dedicated smartphone application and secure data warehouse with map visualisation. Data can subsequently be extracted from the map to a CSV (Comma separated variable file) for subsequent processing evaluation.

This Swiss-made mobile weatherstation is a valuable aid for all emergency services companies, fire brigades, incident response, surf life-saving, police, open-air exhibitions, stage operators, construction companies and agriculture. Compact in size, ease of use, multiple deployment options and robustness make the BL-1000 a top quality device that works reliably and may be operated within a short time by anyone who can also operate a smartphone or tablet.

Visual monitoring of live measurements
The overview screen offers all important data at a glance. This makes it easy to check the measured values simply by observing the display. The  screen also indicates: Battery charge level of the BL1000 - If an alarm has occured - Blinking red circle to indicate recording is in progress (default).
Historical data stored on the smartphone
By tapping on one of the screen quadrants, you may view the measurement data history of the individual sensors (wind speed, temperature, air humidity and air pressure as a line chart). Mean values, minimum and maximum values are recorded with dashed lines. The period for which the measured data remains visible as a line chart is adjustable between 10 sec and 6 hours. The line graphs can be scaled to take a closer look at specific measurement points.
Two adjustable alarm levels for wind speed
The Skywatch Guard APP is equipped with two wind speed alarms: warning and danger.
In addition, a normal wind speed may be defined which cancels the alarms if the wind speed reduces below a defined level (if the normal wind speed is undefined, any alarms created will continue until manually cancelled).
The two wind speeds at which the alarm is to be triggered can be freely defined in the settings  in meters per second.
Data-logging function and tracking
The logging function can be easily toggled on and off in the upper right corner by activating the red record button. The measurement interval is set to 1 second. As long as the logging function is switched on, the measured data is averaged every 10 seconds and then stored in a local log file on the smart device. To track the movements, the application accesses the GPS data available in almost all smart devices.
If Internet access is temporarily unavailable, the measurements are stored locally until they can be uploaded to the server.
Online data stored on Skywatch map server
The Skywatch BL1000 offers even more: create a free password-protected account on the Skywatch site. If the application has an Internet connection, then your current measurement data will be uploaded to the server and may be viewed on the map, viewed and downloaded as a CSV (comma-separated variable) file.
This possibility enables command centre to monitor multiple spatially-separated measuring stations.


Skywatch bl-1000 Skywatch bl-1000
Aerial work platforms - monitoring wind speed and alerting operators when the wind speed is to high for safe operation.

Agriculture - Wind speed and direction monitoring for safe pesticide application.


Skywatch bl-1000 Skywatch bl-1000
Atomic, Biological & Chemical events - Wind speed and direction real-time and history monitoring. Crane & construction safety - Safeguarding workers at height and using tower cranes by warning of high wind speeds and gusts.
Skywatch bl-1000 Skywatch BL Precision ballistics
Public event safety - Monitoring of open-air events for adverse weather conditions and safety compliance. Precision ballistics - Long-range ballistics. Use with Strelok Pro to provide wind direction and speed measurements.
JDC Skywatch Bl-1000  

Skywatch BL-1000

shown with optional telescopic stand 

Wind-speed and direction
Range of measurement from 3 to 150km/h
Units of measurement km/h, mph, m/s, fps, knots & Beaufort
Resolution to the tenth decimal
Precision +/- 3% / +/- 0.5 km/h
Wind direction accuracy +/- 3°
Temperature measurement
Range of Measurement -25° C to +60°C
Units of measurement °C and °F
Resolution to the tenth decimal
Precision  +/- 0.3°C
Range of Measurement  from 0 to 100% rH
Units of measurement  %RH 
Resolution  to the tenth decimal
Precision +/- 3% (10-90%rH)
Pressure Measurement
Range of measurement from 300 to 1200 hPa
Units of measurement hPa, mbar and inHg
Resolution to the tenth decimal
Precision +/- 0.2 hPa

Skywatch BL-1000 Quick Start Guide 

Jdc skywatch Bl-1000

Whats included:

  • Skywatch BL-1000 weather station
  • Stainless-steel mounting rod
  • Spring-loaded ball-joint base with quick-release mount
  • Two self-adhesive mounting bases (flat and curved surfaces)
  • Charging cable
  • Protective foam-lined case
Skywatch BL1000 telescopic rod


DIN14640-compatible multi-section telescopic rod with 1/4" thread



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