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Kustom Signals Laser Cam 4 Speed Measuring with Video

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High Performance Hand-Held Lidar Speed Measuring Gun with Video Recording

Irrefutable video evidence with the Laser Cam 4 - because photo evidence just isn't enough. Document the facts behind your speed enforcement with ProLog video LIDAR back office software.


  • Best portable lidar and video camera available
  • Shoots targets further away, with better video capture
  • Auto zoom, auto focus, providing complete tracking history
  • 16 GB video memory (> 9 hrs record time) expandable to 64 GB (>40 hrs)
  • Powered by ProLaser 4
  • GPS location
  • Lens operating range from zero to infinity
  • Display resolution, speed: 1km/h, distance: 0.1 meter
  • Measurement time, less than 0.33 seconds
 Kustom Signals LaserCam 4 application
              Daytime screen shot                                Night shot with IR Emitter

Smaller - Lighter - Faster

Faster target specific acqusition. Superior optics, advanced software and narrower beam width provide exceptional performance.

  • Optimum Focal Distance, from 10m to 500m
  • Speed Accuracy +/- 1 km/h
  • Speed Range 16 to 320km/h 

Event Recording:

All device activities recorded, no delete option

  • Date and time of infraction
  • Vehicle speed and range
  • Posted speed limit and captured speed
  • Diameter of laser beam at target
  • Operator ID 
LaserCam 4

LaserCam 4 is enabled to wirelessly print to a Bluetooth printer for roadside citations. User selected snapshots with on screen data are easily printed with one or two images per citation with GPS coordinates, serial number, operator ID and date and time stamp.With patent pending features including AutoTrak, LaserCam 4 continually zooms with target tracking, optimising target specific speed measurements and simplifying the user experience. The result is irrefutable video evidence confirming every Speed Enforcement citation with capability to record seatbelt or mobile phone infractions. AutoTrak menu choices offer after recording zoom options for tracking the next target. This allows the user to select their preference or to program a custom zoom selection. After recording zoom returns the camera to the desired zoom level for efficient and continued enforcement operations target after target.

Powered by the ProLaser 4 for superior performance, LaserCam 4 offers greater range to target, faster acquisition time, and image resolution of plates at longer distances providing a comprehensive video record of Speed Enforcement and target tracking history.

LaserCam 4 offers the user different camera presets for ambient lighting conditions whether day or night. Automatic mode records only video of targets over a user determined threshold speed while manual mode records all video while the trigger is pressed. Range mode captures video of recommended daily HUD alignment and range testing and allows the user to capture video with range data during accident reconstruction. Video only mode records videos of any non-speed enforcement event.The large 8.1cm high resolution color display and intuitive, glove-friendly touch screen control make the LaserCam 4 simple to operate. The large display and easy to navigate menu utilise icons for ease of use. The LaserCam 4 supports multiple languages with a simple pull-down menu without the need for factory support to reprogram.

The ProLog back office enables any agency to easily manage their video evidence by securely storing each video, image and metadata generated by their LaserCam 4, PLVideo and their ProLaser 4 Events data. Scalable upgrades to ProLog include ProLog Standard or ProLog Standard Client which add multible device support, administrative reporting and networking capabilities to a database. ProLog reports incorporate useful tools such as speed versus time tracking history graph.

The ergonomic and rugged design makes it a well-balanced, hand-held unit with available shoulder stock and tripod mount, if preferred. LaserCam 4 can be operated as a corded unit, or with batteries.

For Specification Sheet click here.

LaserCam 4, pdf brochure

Features Summary:

  • Video LIDAR for comprehensive tracking history
  • AutoTrak: Auto zoom with target tracking simplifies use
  • Bluetooth wireless roadside printing
  • Powered by ProLaser 4 for superior performance

Supplied with:

  • LaserCam 4 with Li polymer rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • Battery charger
  • 16 GB video memory (>8 hours record time)
  • Compass/ Inclinometer/GPS
  • ProLog Lite back office
  • Rugged carry case
  • Multiple language support 

Optional Accessories:

  • Tripod with mounting kit
  • 12 VDC corded handle
  • Bluetooth printer
  • Video memory upgrade to 32 GB (>17 hrs)
  • Video memory upgrade to 64 GB (>33 hrs)
  • Shoulder stock
  • In-car printer mount
  • Motorcycle saddle bag sleeve
  • IR illumination kit (with reflective registration plate)
  • Approaching with headlights: up to 100m

Optional: ProLog - Video Lidar Back Office - Document the facts behind your speed enforcement with ProLog video LIDAR back office software. Available versions: ProLog Lite, ProLog Standard & ProLog Standard Client

The ProLog video laser back office enables any agency to easily manage their laser video evidence by securely storing each video, image and metadata generated by their LaserCam 4, PL Video and their ProLaser 4 Events data.

For further information and to download the ProLog Back Office datasheet click here


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