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Mag Nail Surveyors Marker Nails


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ChrisNik Mag Survey Nails are used for land surveying and construction layout when critical points are needed to be set in asphalt, wood or other similar surfaces. Since mag nails are magnetic and larger in size than PK nails they are found quicker and with greater ease using a locator. Further more Mag nails have a zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rusting longer than PK nails. The coating makes the nail shiny and  longer visible when set into different surfaces. The biggest and most important improvement is the thickness of the striking head surface and the overall strength and durability of the nails. They are able to better withstand the striking blows without the head coming off or the nail itself bending.

ChrisNik MagNails outperform any Survey nails.


  • Strong and durable
  • Zinc and clear chromate coating to resist corrosion and rusting 
  • Magnetic - easy to find with magnetic locator
  • Shiny for good visibility
  • Larger size 
  • Thick head surface - able to withstand striking blows, prevents head coming off or nail bending


  • Control points setting
  • Construction offsets
  • Setting boundaries or property lines

MagNails are sold in boxes of 100 and are available in 34mm x ø 5mm (0.8kg) , 40mm x ø 6.4mm (1.3kg) and 65mm x ø 6.4mm (2.00kg) lengths.


NOTE - 40mm nails are now unavailable 


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