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Marine Zone Binocular 7x50 IF with Compass

No longer available

The Marine Zone Binocular 7X50 Individual focus with compass has the advantage of having an intergrated oil filled floating rose compass that you can read when looking through the binocular. Press the night light button and you can read the compass at night.

This model has individual focusing system for each eye that allows you to make fine adjustments to suit your eyesite. Most peoples left and right eyes have different focusing ranges. Being able to focus at different distances means that you will get a clearer, sharper image than you will through our Pre-Focused system binoculars but it also means you need to set your focus every time you go to use them. When precise focusing is paramount then you need a binocular that you can focus.

Power 7x
Objective Lens 50mm Diameter
Field of View 6.6 Degrees
Weight 1150grams

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