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Moba MDS-1000 Dual Axis Slope & Dept Inclinometer

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Moba MDS-1000 Drilling System for controlled and precise drilling

The MDS-1000 Level is a simple drilling system for depicting the alignment of the drill carriage or pile driver. Boreholes & blastholes in mining can then be drilled at the desired angle and to the desired depth. The system replaces analog measuring techniques.

As a result, the drilling system accelerates the work progress, making manual re-measurements and corrective work no longer necessary. Work is getting faster, cleaner and more precise, therefore money, material and personnel can be saved.

The MDS-1000 XY Inclinometer System has the ability to show angle measurements or a cross section with actual position. The digital drill system can be individually programmed, and used on various machines (i.e. drilling devices or pile drivers).

MDS-1000 Drilling System MDS-1000 Drilling System
MDS-1000 Drilling System MDS-1000 Drilling System
MDS-1000 Drilling System MDS-1000 Drilling System

Features & Benefits:

  • Flexibly programmable
  • Angle or bar graph display
  • Angle measurement
  • Input of target angle
  • Graphic display
  • Precise boreholes
  • Adherence to specifications
  • No reworking
  • Efficient machine use
  • Increase safety, accuracy and efficiency
  • One solution for all your drilling and pilling needs
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications 

Moba MDS 1000 Drilling System

Moba MDS-1000 Levelling & Drilling System pdf brochure 



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