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Nesa CDV-DT2 Dual Camera Drive Recorder

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With all the great features of a Full HD dash cam (G-sensor, GPS logging, Motion detection etc.) and the added rear facing camera for the best all-round video evidence, plus the ADAS, this is a must have driver safety/protection device than anyone can afford. Highly appreciated in mining, transport and fleet logistics application.

The Nesa CDV-DT2 features Full HD 1080p video recording from either front or rear cameras or can record both at once in a split screen view. Single camera dash cams only record front view, no good if someone runs in to the back of you. This is a must have not only for the capturing of video evidence, but with added Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as LDWS and FCWS, gives the driver an audible warning in cases of driving inattention or distraction.

LDWS tracks the lanes of the road via road marking and sounds a warning if the vehicle drifts out of the lane. This works day or night as long as there are lane markers on the road.
FCWS warns the driver if they are travelling too close to another vehicle in front. This can be set to close, medium or far distances in the user settings so if you regularly drive in heavy traffic, you’re not getting constant unnecessary warnings all the time if set to medium or far.
This type of assistance systems are usually only found in high end, expensive, luxury cars… Not anymore.
Great features for when you are driving, but what about if someone hit your car whilst parked? With other dash cams, you have no evidence to back up a claim. The CDV-DT2’s motion detection will begin recording if someone hit your car in a car park (must be hard wired with permanent power). Now you will have that evidence to be able to chase them for costs.
Why you need a Dash Cam?
There are many reasons why a Dash Cam is a good idea. Here are just a few:
  • Evidence in case of an accident
  • Insurance fraud-Parking protection
  • Vehicle abuse and misuse
  • Report bad drivers
Dual camera Front and rear
Full HD recording @ 30fps Front only: 1920 x 1080
  Rear only: 1920 x 1080
  Front and rear (split): 1920 x 540 + 1920 x 540
Ultra wide angle lens 170°
3” LCD wide angle screen 960 x 240dpi
  Support up to 64Gb MicroSD Card
Mounts Front - Suction cup with quick-release clip
  Rear – Semi-permanent mount/arm with double sided tape or screw fit
Outputs USB, AV
Included 12v power cable, 32Gb MicroSD Card, GPS antenna


Additional Features:
  • GPS for logging vehicle location and speed
  • Motion detection – only records if movement is detected to save storage space
  • G-Sensor for file protection if impact is detected
  • LDWS: Senses lanes from road marking and warns driver if the vehicle drifts out of the lane
  • FCWS: Alerts the driver if vehicle is too close to another vehicle in front.

Please click here to download brochure for the Dash Cam CDV-DT2 Dual Camera Drive Recorder

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