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DML 2000-XR Magnetic Locator


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Dunham & Morrow offer 2 state-of-the-art Magnetic Locators the DML2000-XR and DML2000-XRM (with LCD display). The Magnetic Locators are highly accurate, reliable and user-friendly. Weighing in at just under 0.9 Kg they are light yet built tough to operate under the most demanding field conditions. There are only two controls and one switch, so it does not take long to become comfortable in using the locators. Just toggle the On/Off switch, adjust the volume control for a comfortable signal level, and set the sensitivity control to one of three settings.  It's economical, operating up to 60 hours on four standard AA alkaline batteries. You'll never be concerned about dead batteries in the middle of a search operation since its built-in Low-Battery indicator warns you when the battery-life drops below 8-10 hours. 

DML2000-XRM on special order only 


  • Durable American Design
  • The latest fluxgate magnetometer for precision locating and sensitivity.
  • Outstanding sensitivity at depths of up to 3 meters
  • Top mounted controls ensure greater protection from damage
  • Rugged design allows for operation under the most demanding field conditions. 
 Magnetic Locator DML2000XRM

DML2000-XR Standard Model: Audio

DML2000-XRM Metered Model: LCD Display

Which Model?

The table of target objects will help you decide which model in the DML2000 series best suits your needs. (XR or XRM)

Objects Located Underground DML2000-XR DML2000-XRM
Hazmat Drums   x
Reinforced Septic Tanks   x
Mag & PK Nails x x
Manhole Covers x x
Marker Magnets x x
Corner Markers x x
Curb & Valve Boxes x x
Steel Enclosures   x
Steel Vaults   x
Steel Culverts   x
Steel Pipe Joints/Transitions   x
Well Casings   x


2 years Warranty

Colour White

Supplied in Soft Carry Bag

Dml2000-xrm-soft bag

Magnetic Locator DML 2000-XR & DML 2000-XRM, pdf brochure

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