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Scalex Scale-Link USB3 Plan Measuring Kit


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Scalex Scale-Linl USB3 Plan Measuring Kit

The industry standard take-off tool for entering linear measurements from your blueprints, maps, or plans into any Windows program.

Just roll the scaler wheel along your print, then click to instantly transfer the measurement into your program.

Scale-Link USB3 suited for  
All Windows construction
estimating software
Excel®, Quatro Pro®, Lotus 1-2-3® and
other spreadsheets
Access®, dBase®, Paradox®, Foxpro®,
and other databases
Windows® Compatible Computer
CD-ROM Drive
USB Port
Scalex Scale-Link USB3 Includes:
Plan Wheel XLU3
Ready Connect Software
USB Cable (2.4m in length)
Protective Case
One Year Warranty
User Manual




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