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AcuAngle A-300

AcuAngle A-300

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For critical projects use the Acu-Angle A-300 to accurately set or measure angles. Unlike many products that stick, vibrate and bounce, the Acu-Angle A-300 settles smoothly to the angle due to its oil damped, ball bearing movement.

The hairline pointers can be precisely aligned and the angle read off to each degree, then divided at the Vernier scale to the stated accuracy. A strong magnet base allows hands off use on ferrous metals.

  • Resolution 1/10deg.
  • This model is highly accurate, easy to read, yet light and compact.
  • The dial is 2.6"dia. with Vernier divisions of 1/10°.
  • Height is 3.6", width is 3.1"
  • Sturdy plastic case is included.

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