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Dy-Mark Long Arm Back Saver

Dy-Mark Long Arm Back Saver

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Dy-Mark Industries Long Arm Handle Dispenser

Dymark Long Arm Handle gives you that extra reach when you need it. Assists in preventing back strain. Improves efficiency and makes application less fatiguing. Lightweight aluminium construction. Suitable for use with Spray & Mark Cans, Landscape Chalk and Mine Marking aerosols.


  • The Dy-Mark Long Arm Handle is the ideal tool for     those repetitive, marking out jobs.  Designed to be   carried by hand, it is the perfect tool for any field operator involved in construction, surveying or  landscaping activities. The ergonomic design assists in  preventing backs strain and reducing fatigue when carrying out marking activities.
  • Made of light-weight aluminium construction. Highly portable, making it easy to store and transport. Acting as an extension of your arm, it makes marking out on  the ground simple and easy. Handy for marking  branches and trees in the maintenance of orchards or  plantations.
  • The Long Arm Handle is ideal for:
    • Identifying survey marks on roads
    • Marking out trenches and utility lines
    • Creating marks in preparation for landscaping activities
    • For marking sporting courts and fields
    • Marking branches, trees and logs


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