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Konoe Survey Nails various Sizes

Konoe Survey Nails various Sizes

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Konoe Survey Nails feature a ballistic point for easy insertion through concrete and asphalt, fluted twist shank to help drive the nail straight and lock it in the ground. Konoe nails also feature a rounded head with a low profile bevel to make the nail less obtrusive once in place, and with the cross cut and divot it is easy to hold your prism pole in place while reading to the centre of the nail! 


  • Fluted twist shank
  • Ballistic tip
  • Rounded head
  • Cross cut painted red
  • Divot
  • Low profile bevels 
Nail Size Chart

 Number &

Colour of Nail

D d H L
mm mm mm mm
No.01 Silver 6 4 2 25
No.1 Gold 9 5 3 40
No.2 Silver 15 7 4 50
No.3 Gold 15 7 5 75

Nails No 01 - 3 are supplied in a box of 100


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