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Latec LevelMaster LM2-CM Cross Slope System

Latec LevelMaster LM2-CM Cross Slope System

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The LevelMaster LM2-CM Cross Slope System is the most versatile, efficient and economical Slope Indicating System and ideal for Road Graders, Dozers and Box Blades.

  • Efficient: For Graders and dozers, the LevelMaster monitors blade cross axis slope when grading roads, shoulders and embankments ensuring more accurate grade control.
  • Versatile: LevelMaster displays and hydraulically controls the slope for graders, dozers, box blades and even drainage plows. It can be easily moved from your motor grader blade to your dozer.
  • Rugged: The LevelMaster system was designed for use on the job site. The connectors are weatherproof and both the display and sensor box enclosures are rugged and weatherproof.
Latec LevelMaster LM2-CM Latec LevelMaster LM2-CM
Grading embankments, shoulders and roads with the LevelMaster LM2-CM

How it works:

  • Level the sensor to your blade
  • Dial the desired slope (e.g. 3.0%) into the box
  • Simply follow the LED lights to your desired slope or in automatic mode, the LevelMaster controls the slope for you
  • Green light on display = desired slope 


Easy to read
LCD display for easy setup and offset input
Indicates grade +3% to -3% @ 0.05% steps
Control grade +25% to 25% @ 0.50% steps
Rugged waterproof enclosures
Weather proof connections
Software adjustable sensor filtering & valve gains
12/24vPT and PWM and Danfoss variable flow rate hydraulic output
Sensor box has electrolytic gravity sensors
12v or 24vdc power operation
Calibrated mount included
LMII-C Display Box dimensions: L 23 x H 12.5 x W 10cm


Latec LevelMaster LM2-CM Cross Slope System, pdf brochure

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