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Leica Disto D510 Pro Kit

Leica Disto D510 Pro Kit

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Already one of the most advanced Handheld Laser Measures on the market, the Leica Disto D510 Pro Pack delivers all the functionality of the standard D510 but with the advantages of a hard carry case containing a Leica TRI70 tripod and the brand new FTA360-S tripod adaptor. Not only does this deliver fantastic value for money over buying a tripod and adaptor separately, it also lets the user extract the full potential of their Disto.


The D510 offers 200m range, accuracy to ±1mm, IP65 water jet and dust protection, Bluetooth Smart connectivity and, amongst other things, the ability to measure both indoors and outdoors even in bright sunlight. Take into account that it can also measure past or over objects, can measure angles and inclines and can even be dropped onto a concrete floor from 2m with no ill effect and you begin to see quite how complete a tool this laser is.

Whilst the D510 in isolation is a remarkable tool, when coupled with the revolutionary new FTA360-S tripod adaptor and TRI70 tripod, things really step up a gear. All these items come safely contained within a hard carry case. Not only does this protect your investment, it also keeps all components together minimising the chance of damage and loss.
Unlike other tripod adaptors, the FTA360-S delivers fine adjustment delivering precise targetting and allowing the D510 to achieve its maximum potential.
The TRI70 is a lightweight but durable tripod ideal for all manner of measuring tasks. With the huge savings and awesome functionality the Leica Disto D510 Pro Kit delivers almost unbeatable value for money for the professional user.


Leica Disto D510 Pro Kit, pdf brochure

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