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SitePro Smart Trak ST102 Locator with Polarity Indicator


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The SmartTRAK SitePro ST102 Magnetic Locator is the smart choice for locating ferrous metal objects by sensing the difference between two fluxgate sensors that are arranged in a manner to balance out the Earth's magnetic field. The output of the sensors are presented both as a visual and audio indication of magnetic field strength. The Smart Trak Magnetic Locator features one-handed operation with pinpoint accuracy and a large visual display. It locates ferrous metals underground: buried manholes, steelcovers, septic system handles, corner survey markers, cast iron pipes, iron valves.  

0-99 numeric indicator with polarity indicator and signal strength graph bar.

The SmartTRAK SitePro ST102 offers the Smart-Search Technology with North/South polarity that provides pinpoint accuracy around fences or other large metal objects. 

Smart-TRAK™ is the smart choice for locating manholes, steel covers, septic systems, corner survey markers, cast iron pipes, iron valves, re-bar, and other ferrous metals underground.

When ferrous objects are oriented vertically to the earth's surface, a magnetisation is induced into the object by the earth' magnetic field creating +/- polarity. Smart-search of the ST102 is used to pin-point the location of surveying stakes, pins and objects near chain like fences.


  • Smart-search Technology indicates polarity and eliminates interference.
  • Large LCD screen for visual search results 0-99 numeric indicator with signal strength bar graph, north/south polarity indicator and battery level indicator.
  • High-grade waterproof speaker is water resistant and dust proof to ensure years of dependable operation.
  • Robust water resistant housing protects your locator on tough jobsites.
  • Waterproof tube (IP67) and tip for locating even in the toughest environments and weather conditions.
  • 7 Years Warranty 

Designed for: 

Surveyors, Councils, Earth Movers, Utility Companies, Water Resources, Calibrated for southern hemisphere.  

Target Depth
Iron Marker (20mmx450mm) Up to 2.7m
Cast Iron Pipe (100mm pipe) Up to 3.0m
Manhole Cover Up to 3.0m
Well Casing Up to 3.0m
Mag Nail (50mm long) Up to 800mm
Iron Valve Up to 3.0m
Re-Bar Up to 3.0m
Septic Tank (Handles) Up to 1.5m


Audio Output 10Hz frequency tone, increases with magnetic field strength
Visual Output LCD – Numeric 0 – 99, signal strength bar graph
Gain (Sensitivity) 6 settings
Smart-Search Yes
Volume 4 settings
Modes Standard
Power Six “AA” alkaline batteries provides 50 hours (intermittent operation)
Operating Temperature ‐13° F to 140° F (‐25° C to 60° C)
Weight 2.5 lb (1.13kg) with batteries
Environment IP54 – plastic housing; IP67 – sensor tube to just below the plastic housing


Package Contents:

  • Magnetic Locator
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Durable Carrying Case
  • User Manual


Click here to download pdf brochure 

Frequently asked Question: 

What is the difference between the CST/Berger Magna Track, made in Malaysia and the latest SMART - Track Locator made in USA? 

Answer: These are two very different products. One is very old electronic technology (Old analogue circuit erase feature, time limit on erase values) and no IP rating and the other is a 2016 design with state of the art electronics plus over 9 additional features.

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