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Smart Laser Digital Level 600mm with Case


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The Smart Laser projects a dot up to 200 feet and is accurate to within 1/2 inch at 100 feet. The bright red class II laser extends the practical use of the level for installing hand rails to ADA specifications and shows where to drill holes for installation of plumbing pipes, gutters, electrical conduit, or any project that extends over a distance.

The SmartLaser combines the unmatched accuracy of the SmartTool with the added flexibility of a laser beam with the only adjustable laser in the industry that can be aimed by the end user. If the level is knocked causing the laser to be inaccurate, with the three adjusting screws, factory accuracy can be easily attained.

There is a recessed screw thread in the base of the SmartLaser for mounting onto your standard ¼” (camera-style) tripod for hands-free, elevated use.

A carrying case, manual, and batteries are included.


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