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Theodolites are electronic devices that are widely used for the measurement of vertical and horizontal angles for mapping applications, and in the construction industry. Accurate measurement of angles is essential for huge construction projects. These are important surveying instruments used in the engineering and surveying disciplines, especially in remote locations.

Theodolites have been modified for numerous other specific functions in the rocket technology and meteorology. Furthermore, the accuracy of these instruments has improved significantly over the years. Though the theodolites have been used for a long period, their basic function has not changed much. The leveling systems have been improved to be more accurate and reliable, and the newer models employ infrared based technology.

Comparision of Theodolite and Total Station
Both the total station and theodolite are devices for the measurement of vertical and horizontal angles during engineering projects and surveying. Each has specific characteristics due to which they are used. The factors of time, expertise available, and cost will determine the use of either of these instruments.


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