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Tramex Pest Control Professional Kit


A complete moisture and humidity  testing kit for the Pest Control Professional. The Tramex MRH III Moisture and Humidity Meter allow for non-destructive testing of multiple building material types, as well as pin type testing to identify moisture content in wood and wall cavities. The Hygro-i Relative Humidity Probe identifies areas of high relative humidity, both ambient and in existing cavities, that may be conductive to wood destroying organisms. 

The detection of areas of excess moisture is one of the most important elements in the location, control and eradication of wood destroying organisms. Termites and other common wood destroying pests need moisture and high humidity to survive and multiply. Inspectors should not only focus solely on moisture-prone areas, as termites can relocate water to dry areas. the Tramex Moisture Meter is a very useful tool for deciding on the optimal placement of aboveground bait stations and can also be a useful monitoring tool during follow-up inspections after a termite treatment. assessing moisture level changes pre- and post-treatment can be useful in determining whether or not further investigation is warranted.

The Pest Control Professional Kit comes in a protective heavy-duty carrying case with die-cut foam lining.


  • Deep signal, non-destructive penetration up to 1.25" in non destructive mode.
  • Detects moisture through paint, wall coverings, drywall, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and most building materials.
  • Hold function "freezes" meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible
  • Audio signal sounds when meter indicates high readings
  • Large clear backlit digital display giving meaningful readings
  • Precision in very low moisture content readings and up to 55% moisture content readings in wood in non-invasive mode
  • Attachable pin-type wood probe for accessing hard to reach areas and for probing into wall cavities and wood
  • Attachable Hygro-i Relative Humidity Probe for identifying areas and for probing into wall cavities and wood 
Industry Pest Control, Termite Inspection
Material Wall covering, drywall, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, wood, roof coverings and most building materials
Measuring Range
Reference Scale for Building Materials 0 to 100 comparative)
Moisture content of Wood MRH III NDT 5 -55%, Pin-type Probe 7-40%
Relative Humidity 0 to 99%
Display  Digital / backlit
Power 9 Volt PP3 Battery x 2 (included)
Size 430 x 345 x 130mm
Weight 2.56kg
Tramex Pest Control Kit

Package includes:

  • MRH III digital, non -destructive moisture meter for general building materials
  • Attachable RH probe for readings of temperature, relative humidity, dew-point & mixing ratio
  • IRTX Infrared surface thermometer
  • HH14TP30 Heavy duty pin-type probe for wood
  • SP200 Long insulated pins for deep wall inspection
  • 8 Hole liners to allow for RH probing of existing cavities
  • Heavy-duty carry case 

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