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The Trotec Microwave Moisture Meter T610 is a professional hand-held measuring device for a quick, non-destructive sub-surface (up to 300mm) moisture measurement. As a quality measurement instrument the T610 convinces with digital accuracy in high-quality two-component construction. Made in Germany.

By means of microwave technology it is possible to detect distributions of moisture content at a depth of up to 300mm. Another advantage of the method, in addition to the great measuring depth, is its independence from the level of salt content in the material. It therefore makes no difference to the microwave technique whether an older or a new building is being measured. Since the instrument's screen can display two values, for purposes of results evaluation a function value can be displayed at the same time as the current measured value if required.

For an immediate evaluation of the measured data, minimum, maximum and average functions are available. In addition the current measured value can be retained by means of the hold function.

You can connect the T610 moisture meter to a PC with an USB cable. With the Multi Measure Studio Software (free in the Service / download section of the measured values of the T610 can be transferred online and in real time to the PC. In this way, the values are saved for later analysis or reports.

With the online-memory function, you can perform faster measurements on the computer, eg. when measuring the building moisture on a cellar wall.

A particular practical advantage is the alarm function: Here an individual limit value is entered into the unit before any measurements are taken. In this way large wall or floor areas can be measured quickly and effectively. The user can concentrate on the object being measured without having to look constantly at the measurement results on the display. As soon as the pre-defined alarm limit value is exceeded an accoustic warning signal sounds automatically!


Trotec Moisture Meter Trotec Moisture Meter
Trotec moisture meter depth

Features and Benefits:

  • The Microwave Moisture Meter is designed and produced according to the highest quality standards in German
  • Industrial design in robust two-component construction with IP54 type of protection
  • Continous easy to clean glass surface made of scratch-resistant Blanview special glass for a high-contrast display of measured values even in the sunlight
  • Capacitive touchscreen control panel
  • High-resolution colour display for simultaneous indication of two measured values
  • Specifically designed for quick, non-destructive sub-surface measurements
  • Moisture alarm function
  • Grid measurement function via USB with active software connection
  • Incl.Multi Measure Studio ,measurement data management software (standard download version) 
Material moisture measuring Depth moisture
Measuring principle Microwave method
Measuring range 0 to 200 digits
Resolution 0.1 digits
Penetration depth up to 300mm
Alarm signal  accoustic
Upper menue options MAX, MIN, HOLD, AVG, ACT
Lower menue options LIGHT, ALARM, CAL


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