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US Radar Q5C Ground Penetrating Radar

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Standard Utility Locating System - Made in USA by US Radar - Utility and Archeological Ground Penetrating Radar Applications

The US Radar Q5C GPR subsurface imaging system is a buried utility location workhorse. It is easy to use yet it can be expanded and configured for other applications and needs down the road. With its unique range of integrated technologies, it is the most powerful GPR on the market today for locating utilities up to 5m deep at high resolution.

The Q5C has a number of features to make this the ideal ground penetrating radar for your use. Smart Gain 2 uses dual amplification stages to automatically apply more gain to deeper signals than shallow signals. This enables much higher gain levels than are possible with conventional techniques, making deeper objects visible that would not otherwise be able to be located. With an easy to fold rough terrain cart and self-calibrating system it's easy to transport, set-up and use in the most hostile environments too.
The software system is designed for accuracy and ease of use as well. With SmartStack and StreetSmart Real-Time Processing software, you can get all data on screen as you go. This gives you quality information and eliminates the need for post-processing. Add to this the Auto-Configure and Depth Calibration and you've got an easy to use system from the outset to the end.

  • SmartGain 2
  • Foldable Rough Terrain Cart
  • Self-calibrating
  • SmartStack
  • StreetSmart Real-Time Processing
  • Auto-Configure
  • Depth Calibration

Package Includes
  • Single Frequency Antenna
  • User Replaceable Wear Tray (Installed)
  • Integrated Head Electronics (Installed)
  • US Radar Tablet Control PC
  • Battery Pack [1] for Radar Unit
  • Radar Battery Charger
  • Data Cable
  • Power Cable (Installed)
  • Quantum Series Cart
  • Choice of Acquisition Software
  • Manuals and Software Backup (on Flash drive)

Utility Locating

Recommended Options
  • Additional Battery
  • WiFi / Bluetooth for controller (Must be installed at factory)


Radar Controller Computer  
Custom Ruggedized Tablet  
Durability IP67
Display 10.1-inch daylight-readable with Touchscreen
Storage 32GB
Operating System Windows 7
Interface and ExpansionUSB 3.0, Optional Serial Port on Radar Antenna  
Microsoft Windows
US Radar Control Software Including:
System Configuration
A Scan Display (Oscilloscope Mode)
B Scan Display (Cross Sectional View)
C Scan Display (3D)
Real Time Signal Processing
Data Storage and Playback
System Scan Modes  
Maximum typical logging scan rate of 390 scans per second Free run, timed interval, shaft encoder, GPS,
Trigger Modes manual
Nominal Sampling Rate 550,000,000 samples per second
Maximum Sample Rate 100 Gigasamples / sec
Hardware Time Varying Gain 45dB
Software Time Varying Gain 60dB
Software Flat Gain 60dB
System Environmental Specifications  
Temperature - 11° to + 50° C
Moisture and dust resistance IP 67
Radar Hardware Specifications  
Sampling Interval 10 ps-6.4 ns (in 10ps increments)
Pulse Repetition Frequency 0.1-4 MHz-adjustable
Samples per Trace 2-8192, adjustable
Effective Bandwidth (typ.) >3 GHz
Stacking Automatic
Transmitter Broadband, Available as 500 or 400 MHz Center Frequency
Receiver Direct RF Sampling

Download the US Radar Q%C GPR Brochure

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