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Our philosophy is to Service every product that we supply. 

Along with all the products we sell, we can service most brands of laser levels and machine control as well as automatic levels and Theodolites, etc. 

Every instrument we service is also calibrated and a certificate will be supplied on request. 

We also have comprehensive access to a full range of spare parts and if we don’t have them in stock we can usually get it.

GSR Laser Tools established this business based on Quality Service and Repairs with factory trained, qualified technical staff with 40 years of experience. 

Our technicians are fully qualified, with a sound mechanical background to ensure you get the best possible service available. 

Our service centre covers:

  •  Issues with product operation
  •  Warranty issues
  •  Applications and solutions
  •  Regular servicing and maintenance of your products
  •  Everything to keep your instruments working 

Our Re-Call system allows us to set up a service recall that best suits your needs.  Should you require any of your instruments to be serviced every three months, 6 months or 12 months or any other periodicity, we can set up a service recall that best suits your needs. 

Contact Laser Tools now for all your Service needs:

Telephone:  08 9409 4058 or

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