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Yamayo Steel Open Reel Tape 30, 50, 100m


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Yamayo Steel Open Reel Nylon coated Measuring Tapes


  • Steel core completely enveloped with protective thick white Nylon - tough durable and non-rust even against seawater. Stilon's sturdy tape edges make the blade life remarkably long.
  • Unbreakable when bending to an acute angle, someone steps on the tape, or if it's run over by a truck
  • Steel tape coated with protective white nylon in ABS  open reel 
  • Width: 10mm, Thickness: 0.5mm, Tension: 50N

Available in 30m, 50m (3 speed winder) and 100m lengths. Made in Japan

stilon open reel steel tape Stilon open reel steel tape

Yamayo 30m open reel stilon tape (standard winder)

Yamayo 100m open reel stilon tape 100m (standard winder)


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