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Zip / Compu Level

Zip / Combu Level  -  Digital Elevation System - Hose Level 

Need to measure elevation around corners? 

The Altimeter Zip level, also known as the Stanley Compu Level,  works perfectly in any indoor and outdoor applications. It has a large operating radius up to 50 m and up to +/- 6 m vertical. It is a professional altimeter which enables to scale and measure difference of level & elevation including around corners with an accuracy of within 3 mm (Standard model) and the High precision model achieving an accuracy of 0.2 mm ! Measures depth in difficult to reach, inaccessible or hazardous sites as in drainage, bore holes etc. 


This instrument is for hire 

Zip / Compu Level is only sold to customers in WA

For more information or to make a booking please call 08 9409 4058 or send an email to

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