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Made to Measure

Italian based manufacturer of quality measuring Tools

For over seventy years Metrica has been producing measuring instruments for any "size" in the fields of mechanics, construction and tools.

In the course of Metrica's evolution, they have made the pursuit of precision in measurement as a fundamental value. In fact, many patents have been developed by the Metrica technical staff.

Telefix (telescopic gauges up to 10m) and Quadranfix (angle gauges for construction), as well as many innovations introduced on tape rules with fixed magnets, folding rules or levels, are just some of the technologies that have made Metrica a reference point for measurement and control.

For seventy years, the main objective of Metricas's research team has been the service to customers: "We constantly innovate our instruments, because we want to make the job easier, faster and more precise."

Today Metrica is present at a global level, represented in over 30 countries through a widespread network of agents and distributors with a range of products that can meet all measurement needs.

Please click here to download a copy of authorization from Metrica Italy, the manufacturer of the quality measuring pole.


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