Collection: Tapes Dipping / Sounding

The Tank Dipping Tapes are of premium quality and come in various frames, made of carbon and stainless steel, as well as of white enameled steel. In addition we supply dip weights of brass and stainless steel, tank dipping tapes according to IPM Specification and electric contact gauges. 

      Richter Dip Tape     Richter Dip Tape

Common position of tape beeing reeled out when dipping weight is attached.

It is easier to hold the tape over the tank with the tape releasing below rather than having to point the end of the tape into the tank and risk dropping the tape into the tank.

This type of frame is used for both normal tapes and dipping tapes.

Water Level Indicator Flyer

Tapes Depth Gauge Indicators

Richter Certificate of Conformity