Collection: Handheld Wind & Weather Meters

 Skywatch Explorer - A range of 3 Anemometers with different options of additional measurements.
Skywatch Eole Weather station Skywatch Eole - An Anemometer which accurately measures the force of the wind regardless of its direction.                                                                           Skywatch Meteos - Calculation of the apparent temperature or the actual temperature felt by your body when the wind blows.                                          Skywatch Atmos - Anemometer - Thermometer - Hygrometer, particular designed for professional use. 
Skywatch Geos Weather Station Skywatch Geos 11 - High-precision scientific device for intensive use and extreme conditions. It only uses state-of-the art Swiss-made components.
Skywatch BL Weatherstation for Smartphone Skywatch BL - Hand-held Weather Station for Smartphones. Measure Wind Speed, Temperature and Humidity. This concentrated technology connects via Bluetooth on your mobile phone and is especially designed for all outdoor activities as well as for professional use.


JDC Skywatch Windmeter & Weatherstation brochure

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