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JDC Skywatch Atmos Anemometer-Thermometer-Hygrometer

JDC Skywatch Atmos Anemometer-Thermometer-Hygrometer

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JDC Skywatch Atmos Handheld Anemometer - Thermometer - Hygrometer is especially designed for professional use in farming, mining, expeditions etc...
Increasing extreme weather conditions require frequent measurements of climatic parameters in order to better monitor crop growth.

Data displayed:

  • Instantenous wind speed
  • Maximum windspeed
  • Average wind speed
  • Current temperature
  • Maximum temperature
  • Average temperature
  • Minimum temperature
  • Perceived temperature
  • Instant humidity
  • Maximum humidity
  • Average humidity
  • Minimum humidity
  • Dew point

The Atmos Skywatch hygrometer never needs calibration, maintaining its high accuracy over the life of the product. Easier to use & handle as the Whirling Psychrometer (Otherwise known as the Whirling Hygrometer) Swiss precision anemometer gives accurate wind speed from ANY direction. Can be handheld or stand alone. 

Fields of application :
Agriculture: Check weather conditions before spraying to prevent damage to the environment, humans and livestock. 
Agribusiness: Control of storage conditions (temperature, humidity)



Technical Specifications 
Units km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots
Resolution In 1/10 increments to 99.0 then 1 unit
Measuring range From 2 to 150 km/h
Precision +/- 3% (10 to 150 km/h)
Modes Minimum, average, maximum
Units % rH
Resolution 0.1 unit
                        Atmos shown on Leica TRI70 Tripod (Tripod not included)
Carry Pouch included  

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