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Bear T5D-RL Electronic Theodolite with Rotating Laser

Bear T5D-RL Electronic Theodolite with Rotating Laser

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The Bear T5D-RL Electronic Theodolite with Rotating Laser is identical to the basic Electronic Theodolite T5D but with the addition of the rotating laser attachment in the handle. You will need a laser receiver in order to capture the vertical laser alignment beam. Recommended receivers are the mm type Spectra HL450, Apache Storm or even the machine control Spectra Precision HL700. Click here for more information.

The Bear T5D electronic Theodolite features a large easy to read LCD screen and a power saving design. With 4 x AA alkaline batteries it can work for up to 80 hours continuously. An absolute encoder in both horizontal and vertical angle measurement mode, it allows to change the angle readings to 5” or 1” .

Typical applications include general laser alignment work, vineyard aligning, fencing laser alignment, construction and more.


  • Brilliant optics
  • Minimum angle readings 1" or 5"
  • Vertically compensated
  • Large LCD dual display
  • Easy to use
  • Zero reset
  • Vertical angles in degrees & %
  • Long battery life up to 80 hours
  • Laser plummet  
       Bear T5D-RL Electronic Theodolite

Compensator-Tilt Sensor Yes, Single Axis
Field of View 1°30'00"
Laser Plummet Yes
Shortest Focusing Distance 1.3m
Scope Laser Yes
Accuracy-Angle 5"
Operating Temperature -20° to +50
Display Panels Double Face
Magnification 30x
Self-Levelling Range +/- 0°3'00"
Resolving Power 3.5"
Laser Plummet Accuracy +/- 1.00mm@1.5m
Encoder Type Absolute
Battery Life (Alkaline) 80 Hours
Scope Laser-Range 200m
Accuracy -Minimum Reading 1" / 5"
Objective Lens Aperture 45mm
IEC Laser Classification Class I
Battery Type 4x AA Alkaline
Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years

Package includes: 

  • Laser Theodolite
  • Tool Kit
  • Manual
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Plum bob
  • Batteries

Please note: Rotating Laser will need a Laser Receiver


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