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Clegg Soil Impact Tester 4.5kg with Bluetooth and GPS

Clegg Soil Impact Tester 4.5kg with Bluetooth and GPS

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The 4.5kg Clegg Impact Soil Tester with wireless Bluetooth provides an easy and straightforward means for measuring and controlling soil strength and consolidation levels during trench re-instatement. The readout is attached to the guide tube and the displayed reading is viewed from the top during use. 

The wireless Clegg Impact Hammer is used to confirm uniform compaction of over wide areas of ground, identifying poorly compacted areas and ineffective rolling of materials.

On board data logging and data storage with wireless data transfer facilities are provided with the model 884 Clegg 4.5kg. Coordinates of the test location are received by the in-built GPS then stored providing users with an accurate location* reference for later viewing in Google earth. Users can download their site test results to a PC wireless by Bluetooth, using the PC. Software supplied with the instrument.              *Subject to variation to 10m 

Features & Benefits

  • The rapid and simple nature of making Clegg Impact Tests allows for large areas to be scanned rapidly by one person
  • The portable nature of the wireless GPS Clegg Impact Soil Tester allows for testing in remote or difficult to access areas
  • Can store and transfer data including test results and location 
  • Also available in a 2.25kg model
Hammer Weight 4.5kg
Readout Display (alphanumeric) Backlit vertical display. Readout unit attached to Guide Tube - Easy to view
Readout Range Up to 101 Impact Values (IV)
Power Source Low power 3V, from two "C" Cells. 12 Month typical battery life.
Battery Level Displayed when switched on
Power On & Controls Single push button. Auto switch off after 5 minutes from last reading
Data Storage in Readout Flash Memory for approx. 10'000 5-drop tests. Each field contains the 5 drop IV readings, time & date of each test, latitude, longitude & no. of satellites.
Data Transfer Method Bluetooth Wireless data transfer. No cables & hence hassle free connection to Microsoft based PC or laptop. Bluetooth USB Dongle provided.
Data Files when transferred Comma Separated Variables (CSV) data for manipulation in 3rd party packages such as Excel & KML readable by eg Google earth. Viewable directly in Google map. 
Readout Displaying %CBR Software Selectable %CBR display & memory storage
Readout Q. A. Firmware Software provided from SDi to facilitate data transfer, real time test view, time/date setting and configuration set-up. Very easy to use


Supplied with:

  • Clegg Impact Soil Tester 4.5kg
  • User Guide
  • Certificate
  • Spare Cable (In-House Handmade)
  • Check Ring
  • Carry Case
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