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Clegg Soil Impact Tester 2.25Kg

Clegg Soil Impact Tester 2.25Kg

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The 2.25 kg "Medium" Hammer was initially based on the "standard proctor" 2.5 kg laboratory compaction hammer but evolved to its present weight and drop-height for measuring shock attenuation characteristics of natural and artificial playing surfaces. 

It is constructed to be the same size as the Standard Hammer by using a mechanical combination of aluminum and hardened steel for the striking end rather than steel with a hardened steel end as used for the Standard Hammer. 

In the GTM style, shipping weight is a bit over 10 kg. Notation for the output is CIV/M when the Medium Hammer is dropped from its standard height of 45 cm.

This Instrument can be hired - Subject to availability and duration of hire.




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