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Dy-Mark Protech Air Duster Box of 6 Cans

Dy-Mark Protech Air Duster Box of 6 Cans

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Dy-Mark Protech Air Duster is a dry, multi-purpose cleaner for the safe removal of dust and lint from all delicate precision instruments or equipment. It has a powerful burst of compressed gas which will remove dirt without any abrasion risk. It is non-corrosive and leaves no residue or condensation. Ideal for off-site servicing when compressed air is not available.

Recommended Uses:

  • Circuit boards
  • Precision electronic equipment
  • Keyboards
  • Cameras
  • Telephones
  • Printers
  • Videos and much more


De-activate and isolate equipment before use. Do not use on energised equipment. Use Spray Can in UPRIGHT position only. Do not shake can during use. Spray in short bursts. Spray onto surface from a distance of 15-20cms. Use extension tube for hard to reach areas.

Dy-Mark Technical Data Sheet

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Dy-Mark MSDS  


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