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DZJ2 Optical & Laser Plummet

DZJ2 Optical & Laser Plummet

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The DZJ2 Optical & Laser Plummet incorporates a laser for upward usage.

The user has the choice of using the laser only, the optical system only or both together. The downward laser is used for ensuring an exact plumb line from the floor to top target. In order to assist the user a laser target is included as a standard accessory. Measurement Accuracy 1:45'000.


  • Construction
  • Industry installations
  • Engineering inspections
  • Distortion observations
  • Surveying worksites


  • Easy centering with laser plummet
  • Compact design and stable structure
Accuracy (upward laser) +/- 2.5mm / 100m
Accuracy (downward laser) +/- 1mm / 1.5m
Plate level sensitivity 30" / 2mm
Magnification 25x
Field of view 1°50'
Objective aperture 36mm
Shortest focus distance 0.8m
Upward Laser  
Wave length 635nm
Laser power 1mw, adjustable
Laser range 120m (day), 250m (night)
Laser spot size 5mm / 80m
Error between telescope sight axis and vertical axis 5"
Error between laser axis and sight axis 5"
Focusing range of downward laser 0.5m
Downward laser  
Wave length 659nm
Laser class Class 2/IEC60825-1
Power 2AA batteries
Operating temperature -10° ~ +50°

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