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FPM FG-005 Precision Engineering Level

FPM FG-005 Precision Engineering Level

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Precision Engineering First Order Optical Level FPM FG-005

A precision compensator level of highest accuracy. The high light transmitting telescope makes the instrument perform under conditions that render most austomatic levels useless.The built-in micrometer is read off directly at the telescope eyepiece. Designed for measurements of highest precision, geodetic (engineering) and industrial measuring tasks. Made in Germany


  • Powerful optical system : 35x magnification
  • Inbuilt plane plate parallel micrometer 
  • Right and left-hand controls
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Stable high mass compensator
  • High light transmitting telescope 
  Optional industrial scales available
  Available Configurations :
  • With or without Horizontal Circle / Optical Plummet
  • Micrometer range 5 mm or 10 mm


In-House pre delivery check included. Certification available on request

For more information, configuration, availability & pricing please email

FPM FG-005 Precision Engineering Level brochure pdf

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