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FPM FG-020 Precision Construction Level

FPM FG-020 Precision Construction Level

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FPM FG-020 with a 31x magnification is a precision engineering construction level of highest accuracy. 


  • Fixed point levelling
  • Levelling in engineering work
  • Area levelling, e.g. for melioration and for landscape design
  • Levelling of profiles for layout of traffic routes and lines
  • Transfer of heights, setting out and check measurements in civil engineering
  • Tacheometric levelling

Quick pointing and reading

By means of the sliding clutch and endless antagonistic spring control, which can be operated from both sides, the levelling instruments can be quickly aligned to the rod. The coarse-fine-focusing speeds up the focusing process with simultaneous improvement of the sensitiveness. For better distinction from the horizontal reticule line the stadia lines are short broken lines.


The FG-020 is equipped with a compensator which is sturdy and extremely insensitive to shocks and which makes the precision levelling of the head within parts of a second. The extended working range of the compensator allows a larger scale for re-levelling. Therefore the FG-020 is quickly ready for measurement.

Circular level

Correct reading with respect to height and side with comfortable arrangement close to the ocular.

Horizontal circle with right and left-handed numbering

The FG-020 is equipped optionally with a glass circle or with a mechanic circle. For directional setting-out the circle is numbered right and left-handed. The glass circle can be set by means of the circle drive: the mechanical circle can be set by means of a knurled ring.

Instrument body

The waterproof design, solid body construction and rugged compensator ensure reliable and precise elevation measurement under the most adverse conditions.


The Telescope provides erect and unreversed image viewing. The instrument is easy and comfortable to use with the convenient location of the focus and lateral drive knobs. The optical sighting device allows quick acquisition of the rod target. 

Technical data
Measuring accuracy  
Mean square error per 1km double levelling +/- 1.5mm
with plan parallel micrometer +/- 0.7mm
Image position erect and true to side
Magnification 31x
Free objective diameter 37.5mm
Shortest target distance 0.7m
Multiplication constant 100
Working range +/- 15'
Mean square setting error +/- 0.5"
Setting time < 1 s
Circular level 25'
Interval of the circle 1 gon (1°)
Estimability of reading 0.1 gon (10')
Operating range -25°C...+45°C
Dimensions 230x120x150mm
Weight 2.0kg
Dimensions 350x180x290mm
Weight 3.0kg


Protective Case

The instrument is well protected in its durable shock-resistant closed cell foam lined case with secure latches. In the case are other small accessories including a rain cover.

Optional Accessories

Parallel-plate 5 or 10mm micrometer, invar level rods and a very unique and complete industrial staff set in a hardwood case. Also available are heavy-duty trivet for low set-ups and a universal wall/column mount for use when a tripod is inappropriate.

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