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FPM FG-L100 Optical Zenith Plummet

FPM FG-L100 Optical Zenith Plummet

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High Precision Zenith plummet with optical compensator for highest accuracy plumbings in engineering measurement. Typical applications are the construction of high-rise buildings, bridge pillars, smokestacks, hoist frames, oil rigs and cooling towers.
The precision compensator guarantees very good plumbing results. Since the L100 model is equipped with a tribrach, it can be mounted directly on any surveyor’s tripod with 5/8” external thread. Made in Germany

Average plummet accuracy ± 1 mm / 100 m
Magnification 32 x
Free objective diameter 40 mm
Minimum focus 2.2 m
Working range of compensator ± 10 '
Centering accuracy of compensator ± 15 "
Temperature range -25 ° C ... +45 ° C
Dimensions 140 x 295 mm
Weight 3.5 kg



  • Construction of buildings and shafts, chimneys, bridges and steel structures
  • Elevator construction
  • Special tasks in industry and mining, surveying
  • Monitoring measurements on structures

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