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FPM FG-L30 Optical Zenith Plummet

FPM FG-L30 Optical Zenith Plummet

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The optical Nadir and Zenith FG-L30 is a precision instrument for medium accuracy optical soundings in civil engineering and surveying industry. The FPM FG-L30 Optical Plummet is very easy to use and helpful to find upward and downward plumb lines over medium distances, for instance when taking measurements for high-rise building constructions, industrial buildings or mine shafts.

The instrument can be accurately levelled using the 20“ reversion bubble level. The FG-L30 can be put on any LEICA/WILD type tribrach with forced centering mechanism. Made in Germany.


Middle plumb error or accuracy ± 1 mm / 30 m
Magnification 9 x
Image Location upside down, reversed
Free objective diameter 20 mm
Minimum focus 0.4 m
Dimensions 140 x 90 mm
Weight 2.2kg


  • Construction of buildings and shafts, chimneys, bridges and steel structures
  • Special tasks in industry and mining, surveying
  • Monitoring measurements on structures 

FPM Optical Zenith Plummet FG-L30

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