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Geo Fennel EasyFix 5m Laser Measuring Pole

Geo Fennel EasyFix 5m Laser Measuring Pole

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  • The Geo Fennel EasyFix 5m Dual Purpose Telescopic Measuring Pole is used for determining differences in height with a rotating laser and a laser receiver.
  • Perfect for use in excavation jobs, levelling and civil engineering projects.
  • Simply attach the laser receiver to the Laser measuring Pole and position the detector in the laser plane by means of telescopic sections. The height of the laser plane can be read off from the analogue display. Quick, simple and precise.
  • The universal adapter allows attachments for many types of laser receivers to the telescopic laser pole. In order to avoid unintentional changes in the extended length, the telescopes are equipped with level locks to ensure a secure hold.
  • The vertical position is maintained thanks to the circular bubble.
  • Use the EasyFix pole as a standard measuring pole with section locks.
Shown with optional FR 45 Receiver attached to top section adapter Easy to read Display Adapter shown fitted to top section


Maximum length 500cm
Retracted length 121.5cm
Weight 2.7kg
Supplied with soft carry bag


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