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Geo Fennel GeoTape 2in1 Tape & Laser Distance Meter

Geo Fennel GeoTape 2in1 Tape & Laser Distance Meter

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GeoTape 2in1 offers 20m laser rangefinder with 5m measuring tape

  • Ergonomic environment friendly design
  • Easy to read white on black display with backlight
  • Professional quality, robust and pocket-sized
  • EC Class II tape measure accuracy
  • Nylon coated steel blade with magnetic hook

  • Length and area measurement
  • Laser measurement reference is always at the rear
  • Independent use of Laser and Tape measure
  • Magnetic end hook
  • Positive toggle lock to secure blade at any length
  • Metal belt clip
  • Cover-protected USB port
  • Concealed ON/OFF button to prevent mis-operation
  • Auto switch-off to prolong battery life
Power supply Li-Ion
Laser class 2
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy +/- 2mm
Measuring range up to 20 meters
Tape length 5m
Tape accuracy +/- 1.5mm/5mm
Blade width 19mm
Auto switch-off Laser/Display 30/180 seconds
Laser wave length 630 - 670 nm
Extended size 83 x 79 x 54mm
Weight (instrument with battery) 275g
Operating time 5 hours
Temperature range 0°C to 40°C


  • USB charging cable
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery
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