GSR Crack Monitoring Gauge

GSR Crack Monitoring Gauge

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GSR Crack Monitoring  Tell-Tale Gauge

With most buildings & structures developing cracks at some point in their life, crack monitoring gauges are one of the simplest ways to monitor movement of those cracks. The  basic Tell-Tale crack monitoring ruler that monitors horizontal and vertical movement across a crack on a flat surface.

Structural movement is serious when the safety margins of strength, stability, or integrity have been significantly eroded, or the movement is progressively leading to failure within a specified period.Non destructive crack monitoring testing for expansion and contraction are all forms of structural movement.

The crack monitor device is made of polycarbonate.Measuring movements: Horizontal +/-20mm, +/-10mm. Reading accuracy of +/-0.5mm on grid.

Fix using screws and adhesive (not included). Supplied with Crack Monitoring Record Sheet.

Buy in packets of 10 or 20 and save.

Please feel free to download a complimentary spare:  Standard Tell Tale Crack Monitoring Record Sheet   

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