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GSR Pocket Penetrometer CL24550

GSR Pocket Penetrometer CL24550

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The GSR Pocket Penetrometer is used for the evaluation of shear strength and approximate determination unconfined compressive strength in the classification of insitu cohesive materials. The stainless steel piston (diameter 6.4mm) is pressed into the soil until the engraved line, 6.4mm from the tip, is flush with the surface. A reading is then taken from the engraved scale which is calibrated in kPa. The accuracy of this instrument increases with the skill of the operator and as the reading are further compared to unconfined compression tests results on the same material. As well as being used for testing in tubes the penetrometer may be used on insitu soils in pits and cuttings.

Measures up to 500kpa.


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