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Komelon Tape Fibreglass Open Reel

Komelon Tape Fibreglass Open Reel

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Komelon UniGrip Fix Fibreglass Open Reel Tape Measures are manufactured with Komelons own fibreglass compression technology invented with 16'000 filament strands to withstand over 500kgs of pulling force. The Komelon UniGrip Fix Fibreglass Tape Measures are made to withstand 10'000 cycles. Other A grade brand fibreglass tapes show wear and tear and fading at 250 cycles.

The double-coated blade protects markings and graduations from chemical and mechanical abrasion. It is waterproof and dirt resistant. The tape resists stretching even in extreme temperatures. The white and yellow colours on either side of the tape prevent twisting while in use.


  • Double-coated fibreglass guarantees lifetime use
  • Withstands highest tensile strength
  • Fold out hook
  • Shock absorbing rubber bumpers 
Accuracy EC Class 2 / Class II
Length 30m, 50m, 100m
Tape case material ABS impact resistant plastic
Tape width 13mm
Tape material Fibreglass
Hook type  Folding end hook

Available Sizes:

  • 30m x 13mm
  • 50m x 13mm
  • 100m x 13mm


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